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    I'm looking to hear from other Departments that have purchased an apparatus with an Aerial Innovations Inc. ladder. Is the maintenance as minimal as they advertise? How is there performance? What type of chassis and cab is it mounted on? Are a few of the questions we would like to have input on. Let me know by E-mail or post a reply.

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    Not sure if this is relevant...but it is interesting:
    Aerial Innovations was founded by the same family that owned Ladder Towers Inc. (LTI -- which was previously the fire department unit of Grove)before it was sold to Simon (of Simon-Duplex)
    are now owned by...
    American LaFrance
    which builds chassis and pumps (I believe AmLaf design built by Hale?)
    AmLaf also makes it's own aerial design.
    In turn, American LaFrance is owned by...
    which is owned by...
    (Which used to be Daimler-Benz after it's previous leading car line...Mercedes Benz)

    And just let me know if I messed up any details...but I think I got them all straight!

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    Matt, I knew about the AI,LTI,Am Laf,Benz relationship, but what I want to know is the field report.How is this "piece" condusive to fighting the red devil? Is it all the Mfg. says it is?

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    The District Heights Vol. Fire Department operates an Aerial Innovations Tiller (105'). They see a high volume of fire, being located just outside Washington D.C. in Prince George's County Maryland (PG26FD)... The stations tele # is (301) 735-3399. I would recommend asking to speak to Chief Stommel.

    Certainly, Kevin Zimmerman, Pres. of AI, would agree that District Heights truck catches more than its share of fire... thus making it a good choice for questioning maintenance issues...

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    Default aerial innovations

    i read your postings and thought i could answer some of your questions.the history of AI is correct.i have worked at LTI in the late 80's.i was one of the first two men in the shop at AI.the maintenance is very minimal.the ladder was advertised as greasless,what was required was simply pressure washing the slide rails. with the zinc oxcide coating and the umhw slide pads it was "self" lubricating.the only grease required was in the heel pins,lift cylinders and water pipe.the sheeve wheels where made of a polymoide material adapted from the crane industry.they had a furon bearing riding on a stainless steel pin that was assembled with white grease,also self lubricating.the ladders where rated with a tip load of i beleive 500 lbs at 1000gpm flow with no other restictions on elevation or extension.i also was involved in most of the aerial certifacations before the units where delivered and was amazed what they where capable of.the testing was done at full extension with 750lbs tip load at zero degrees elevation.there where no bodies on the chassis or counter weight.the truck was set up on a 5 degree slope i beleive and the aerial was rotated 360 degrees.the stability was amazing.a final note the district heights tiller was in a movie called enemy of the state with Will Smith and Gene Hackman.it was relettered Washington DC Fire Dept.i was a very short clip of 2-3 seconds.

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    Is a ( Aerial Innovations ) product being built as of today ? LTI , Snorkel , and Aerial Innovations products where built at there Ephrata,Pa plant !....

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewJerseyFFII View Post
    Is a ( Aerial Innovations ) product being built as of today ? LTI , Snorkel , and Aerial Innovations products where built at there Ephrata,Pa plant !....
    The only products being produced under the ALF name today are:

    LTI, and TELE-SQURT family.

    Aerial Innovations products where discontinued in 2001 (I believe Don't quote me on that.)

    Snorkel's are not being built at this time. The last one was built in 2004. (Again don't quote me on the date)

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    Default American LaFrance Ownership

    American Lafrance is no longer owned by Freightliner (Daimler-Chrysler). They are now independent. Arguably a better thing, better then being an unwanted step child. I'm sure most of you know this based on the many previous posts.

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