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    Hello all, what kind of experiences have you all had with purchasing mini & midi pumpers...it seems that there are a lot of manufacturer's out there, especially smaller ones. Who's been good, who's been bad, etc. What chassis have you liked?

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    chf jstano
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    Why not consider tapping the talents of your membership and build your own mini. We did that 15 years ago and this versitile little rig has served us well. It is now time to replace it and we will do so at a savings of $30000 to our taxpayers by building our own again. You might be quite surprised at the talents of some of your membership on a project like this. It also creates a great sense of pride among the members. By the way, you cannot tell the difference between our mini and a factory one. Our's just doesn't have a shiney nameplate and a large debt!

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    that's a cool idea, as long as you do it right you won't have to pay 1.8 mil like a comapny recently did when someone got hurt with the cobbled together rig.

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    Tim Schaffner
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    We have a ford/darley minipumper. biggest thing is decide what 2 functions this unit is going perform. weigth cap. and storage are limits. We use ours for wildland intface and med runs. I've see several midi's but they try to do 2 many things. E-mail for more

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