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    We are in the process of designing a new 100' Quint aerial for our 45 member paid department. We would like to hear pros and cons of options you may have experience with including rear vs midship, tank size, hosebeds, manufacturers, training, etc. All input appreciated. Particularly interested in making the truck user friendly for 3 man crew running it first due to all calls. Our needs are 100' stick, 1500 gpm, min 500 tank, height to fit 12' doors. Anyone got the "perfect" truck?

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    Look at the E-One CR100 aerial. I work on one and it does everything we need it to do. We don't carry water on ours and has no pump. Its a truce "Truck Co." apparatus. You can get a 1500GPM pump, 500 Gallon tank, hosebed and 100' aerial all under 12' tall.
    Its a rearmount and very capable. One thought is to put a 2000GPM pump on the Quint to really maximize the abilities of the rig. There will be times when you have the master stream flowing in addition to 2 or 3 handlines working. The cost of the upgrade is negligable across the apparatus total cost. Consider pre-piped deck guns on both sides of the rig so they can go to work immediatley upon arrival while your setting up the aerial. These will also help when you need all three master stream devices. The only catch is to offset them from each other so they can both be put to work on the same side of the fire without obstructing the one on the far side from the fire. As far as tank size you can also probably get a larger tank size if needed up to 750 Gallon I believe. This truck would definetly be user friendly to a 3 man crew. FAST and EASY set-up times because of the underslung jacks and no pins to forget about when setting up. No problem in getting the stick up quick and going. Anything I can do for you let me know. Be safe.

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    You should think about locating the aerial controls and the nozzle controls at the pump panel. This will truly make this a "one man operation". Try looking at the Seagrave "hercules" 500# 100' aerial w/229" wheelbase. It will fit into a 12' door.


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    My dept. just took delivery on a new quint ,1500 gpm waterous eclipse CAFS system,700 gal tank and 75' AI ladder,..we designed it so that it could get the job done with minimal manpower and do everything we needed with 3-5 people. It is also ALS and has a complete set of airbags and hurst tools...We added a self steering tag axle for better cornering and manuverablity....feel fre to email for mor info..larry

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