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    During a recent fire exercise, we were required to redeploy the ground monitor. We had to stop pump operation, uncouple the hoses from the fire engine, send our firefighters to move the bulky monitor gun to the new location, connect a few extra lengths of hoses to the from the pump to monitor and finally start the pump before we could have our ground monitor at work again. I thought there ought to be a more efficient way to do all this.

    I have been tasked to design a "fire engine" which is able to maintain pump operation on the move, and thus eliminate the entire hassle and time wastage due to uncoupling of hoses and restarting of pump operation.

    This engine should be able to move and operate on narrow roads (hence a smaller version of the conventional fire engine ie. light pumper or jeep). A monitor would also be mounted on a part of this vehicle.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas or know of any company who is able to supply or assemble this. Thanks!

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    A ford F-550 with PTO will work wonders for you, or a seperate engine driven pump. Hose will be the problem. I would be glad to consult with your dept on this.

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    There are numerous companies that make mini-pumpers that will pump on the "fly". Another suggestion, get a lighter portable master stream and put it on the truck also. If I could ask, why did you have to move the engine?

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    It was an exercise "inject" given by the controllers to test the ability of the firefighting crew to react to changes on the fireground. Would be ideal if the equipment could allow for flexible deployment. Things could be much more efficient if the crews wouldn't be limited to a location after they have deployed their jets.

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