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    my dept.is considering a plastic body and tank on our new pumpers.so far reviews o.k.except E-one.thay claim it will crack and thats why they do not build them.any feedback or help would be great! thanks

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    The plastic booster tank has become the standard in the industry. We have a 1990 E-One with 1000 gallon plastic tank and love it. No more rust and corrosion. No more removing 10,000 bolts to get cover off so you can patch the latest leak, etc. No experience with plastic bodies. The "theory" sounds good but theres not enough in-service time to really know.
    Jim M.

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    Plastic Poly-tanks are definitely the best. However we do not have a plastic body but have heard bad things about them. I have heard that bolts and screws tend to come loose and strip out. I have also heard that if you don't have the manufacturer of that vehicle in your town, finding someone to do bodywork is next to impossible.Concept is good but I don't think plastic is the answer.

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    We had a cj7 whith a fiber glas body and It saved a gerat deal of whegiht and trouble with rust.So go for plastic in the tanks.But us the good old stainles steel and aluminium in the main body of the fire engine.The only thing that gets a minus point is that the scrwe holes tend to get fatiuges and cracks over the years.I know at least one or two truck manufactures that used plastic componetns in sweden but not on whole body.

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    We have 2 poly tankers. Very happy with them in fact have another one getting a new tank at this time. Our dept has also ordered a poly body engine. We liked the demo engine we saw and one of our board members took a rubber mallet and hit the truck as hard as he could, no cracks in paint or the body. Also as information this was in weather that was about zero degrees.

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