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    Default TAG AXLES

    I need info on tag axles. This info would be benificial for discussion on a possible pumper tanker. any info is helpful, for or against. thank you

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    jlw52 Guest


    Forget the tag axle. If you need a tandem axle rear, then spend the money and get drive axles with a power divider. Don't spend the money for a lift axle that will be left up when it should be down and down when it could be up. The driver doesn't need another function to deal with on an emergency run. With a fixed position "dead" axle, you'll get hung up in every dip and depression you cross as the dead axle will "lift" the drive axle off the ground as it passes over the low spot. The only "dead" axle worth a look is the "twin steer" - if you need a short turning radius - but it will cost you about as much as a second drive axle.

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    SNOWMAN Guest


    I second everything jlw says! He is right in every aspect.....forget the tag axle.

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    Drew Smith Guest


    We have a tanker with a "twin steer" tag axel. It has had a couple of major problems. One required the rig to go back to the chassis mfr for 3 weeks. Now the tag axle has been recalled and the rig is going back to the mfr again. This time we are getting a whole new rear axle. Our mechanic wants a regualr drive axle. The mfr says they have a "new and improved" axle. Since this is a money issue (take what we can get or pay oursleves) we will wait and see.

    Hindsight is 20-20. We were led down the path through our own ignorance. The biggest problem, aside from the mechanical failures, is that if the guys drive into a cul-de-sac withthe tag axle on and can't make the turn they then can't back up either.

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    Pickhead Guest


    I was assigned to drive a 105' American LaFance quint with a "rear steer" Tag axle.
    works great for getting in to tight spots, but if there is a chance you have to back up and didn't remember to lock the axle before you stoped your in for some real fun.

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