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    Default Pierce Dash 2000,any problems?

    Our department has ordered a pierce Dash 200 105' Aerial. Since this is a new chassis for us we are not too familiar with any problems it might have. Does anyone have a Dash2000 and if so, any problems we should look out for?

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    I know I'm not really giving you the info you need, but this may be of some interest. We have had a Dash (not a 2000 model however) for about 2 years. The tranny got stuck in 3rd gear going to a run once (electronic 5 speed). Could not duplicate the problem again and zero problems other than that. Of course ours is not multiplexed like yours will be, but it has been a great rig. Only changed a light bulb or two since new. Good luck with yours.

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    We purchased a Dash 2000 pumper. In Sept. it will be a year old. Haven't had too much trouble with it besides a few computer glitches. We also have a 1995 dash pumper and the difference between the two is unbelievable. Much better turning radius, much more room inside the cab and better visability all around. More power with the series 60 engine. We have a 1995 lance 100 ft tower and have had no problems with that. The only draw back with the new dash is that if any thing goes wrong,you have to place a service call and out they come with there lap top to reprogram it. I guess thats modern technology. Good luck with your purchase.
    Capt. Crunch BHFD

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