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    Default Back-up warning system.

    I just saw a Ford Windstar commerical on TV and they have a neat thing which I think that would be great on a fire truck. It was a back-up system that if you got close to an object, it would beep faster. I like the idea and was thinking that it would be perfect for a fire truck. Does anyone know if any companies offer this on a new truck or can an old truck be retrofitted with it? I know that you should use a spotter, but any help in this job is good. Let me know what you think.


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    Our department has this device on our Tower ladder. Some times it works great. Some times it does not. The sensors are located at the rear of the rig on both corners of the rear tail. Sometimes the rear scrapes the ground while driving up a grade from a flat area, thus, the sensors get whacked every now and again. Moving them will defeat the purpose of them. We still require a person to spot the driver when backing up.

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