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    Default Ideas on deploying a portable deck gun

    We currently have a TFT 1250 gpm portable deluge gun (Performs like a champ) It is mounted up on the deck between the jump seats. At present only space available.
    QUESTION>>> Does anyone know of a (commercially made or home made style), type of cart "if you will" that can be placed on the rear step , that holds the device and maybe some supply line that will allow 1 or 2 FF's to deploy the device in a faster manner than the one currently used ie remove from deck, built connections , pull hose etc.)Has anyone found a better way (want to expand on standard storage ie: take off rear deck and pull supply line as you go)

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    I remember that when I was in a volunteer company back home we had a deluge gun that we mounted on the tailboard. Now, it was preconnected to 3 inch that was loaded on the hosebed (of course)and it worked like a charm everytime we deployed we could use 1 or 2 firefighters to deploy depending on how far away we were going and we could get it set up before before the driver was even ready to flow water. Now if you are looking for a single firefighter to deploy the gun then I suggest using a hose strap around the 2nd or 3rd (depending how deep your hose bed is) loop so that the firefighter can grab the gun and the strap and just walk away and drop the strap whenever he feels like it. The way we kept it mounted was by using a bracket that we bolted on the tailboard. It took a bit of engineering but when it was done it was as professional as any. If you cant find a spring loaded bracket then I suggest possibly getting a bracket that you can insert pins through to keep the gun in its place (did that with our PPV fan). I hope that this helps at least a little.

    Take care


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    Ditto to above. We carry our "apartment lay" of 3" with a wye and 2-150' lays of 1 3/4" off of it all pre-connected at the front of the hosebed. We use our portable deck gun the same way. 3" preconnected with the deck gun mounted on the tailboard. It allows it to go to work quick with 1 firefighter making the stretch of the deck gun and 200' of 5" hose. It sounds like alot but it works great. Easily deployed and set up. No need for any other water to the deck gun after it has water. This "bomb line" is the second deck gun on our Engine Co. rigs with the first one up top. Both are TFT 1250 GPM deck guns. The "bomb line" one has a 5" intake on it instead of 2-3" intakes. Just my thoughts. Be safe.


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    WE are setting up a precon TFT portable base preconnected to a 3 inch on one inlet of the 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 by 5 stortz clappered wye. this will allow one firefighter to set the base and get water flowing in short order. The second 3 inch can be hand laid to the other inlet and the gun broght up to full flow. This should make a fast setup blitz line.
    Good Luck

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