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    Default Hydraulic Pumps on Rescue's

    We just spec'd our new heavy rescue truck with a hydraulic pump to run our generator and fire pump. I was just wanting to know what type of performance we can expect from this type of set-up. We spec'd a 20kw generator and a 250gpm pump with foam injection. If anyone has any good or bad comments I would like to know. Thank You!

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    Ricky Bodin
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    We have a hydraulic run generator on our heavy rescue. It is a 20kw and runs all of our cord reels, the light tower, and our electric simo-unit for our extrication tools.
    It has run perfect for the 3 years we have had the truck. It is really nice to be able to pull up to the scene and just at the flip of a switch have power with out the extra maintenance of another engine, or that
    "is this thing going to start @ 2am in the cold rain w/ 2 people trapped" question we always seemed to have w/ the old truck and it's old gasoline powered generator. The only thing that we may have done diffrent is gone to a bigger generator maybe a 25 or 30kw. Sometimes at night when we are running the light tower, the simo-unit (which draws a considerable load) and maybe a few portable lights or saws off of it I think that we are probaly right at it's maximum output. Overall I we are very happy with it.

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    Speaking to the Hydra Gen rep at F.I.R.E in Ny state this past June, we were informed that the biggest model available in 220v output is 20kw, If you are running alot of stuff, this is a rather small sized unit.

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    Ricky Bodin
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    The unit we are running was built by A.M.P.S. out of Sugarland, Texas. They build a 30 kw unit that puts out 220V power. They have a webpage, but I don't remember what the url is offhand. I will see if I can find it and get back to you.

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