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    hello all im looking for info and input on a midi pumper. im in a rural vol. fire dept. with many ponds and water supply.
    we are currently specing this truck out and i would like to know what other depts have.
    we have an idea of what we want .
    ford f 550 chasis
    1000 gpm pump front mount with dual 5" intakes
    300 gal water tank
    5" hard suction 40'
    dual 4" supply lays to fill tankers with 300" each any other ideas? stay safe!!!!

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    Wildfire Guest


    In the April 99 issue of Fire-Rescue magazine, there is an article about how Cleveland ,New York built a mini-pumper. In it there should be good hints to help you out when sending out the specs. Another thing that could help would be looking at some trucks that different companies have built for other departments like that. They may give you some ideas on building it. Also, are you using it for just filling tankers, or brush fires and quick attack. If so, you may want to add a booster reel. Hope this gives you some tips.

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    e33 Guest


    It was the village of Cleveland New York.

    The key is to try to make a truck that moves alot of water and can get in tight places. 4wd is good, big pump is good, carry one or more portable pumops. Get a good sized generator and some floodlights (as bright as you can get, 1500-2000w) Carry plenty of appliances also. Discharges on all four sides as well as intakes will be beneficial as well. Its important to decide what role the unit will play too. Not that im any expert, but i hope this is a help.

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