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    I am the chair of a new building comittee at my firehouse. I am looking for some ideals as far as building types, sizes, and cost. If any one has any info. pics, or specs, I would appreciate any help.

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    Bob Snyder
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    One piece of advice: The best thing we ever did was build an exhaust ventilation system for the apparatus. You can buy them, you don't have to build it as we did. Whatever else you do, put one in your plans.

    Otherwise, I can't give you a lot of innovative or flashy info that would be of use...we built our own station in 1973 (I was a kid then, so I should say "they"), and have expanded and remodeled it on our own ever since. It's pretty basic, but it works for us. I don't honestly know if there is a full set of plans anywhere.

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    I am both a career firefighter and a volunteer in the community I live in. My career fire department is 10 miles north of the Bronx, NY. My volunteer department is 50 miles north/west of the city in Putnam County.

    Our career department has been operating out of 2 stations for since about 1963, the first building (which we still use) was built in about 1918 and has not changed much since. If you have members living (covering 24 hour shifts) then you need to focus your attention on keeping your crews comfortable and provide for sleeping, cooking, showering,locker space, exercise room and so on. In my volunteer department we built our secound station in about 1990. The building is of non-combustible construction and has very little program space. This building is planned to be expanded this coming year (knock on wood). While cooking remains a factor along with exercise areas, the size of sleeping areas can be greatly reduced as well as locker and shower areas. A word to the wise. Don't forget to provide for closets and slop areas. The building we built in 1990 has no closets! (other than the one we call the Chief's office) Hope this helps, if you need more info you can email me privately any time.

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    we are in the process of building a new fire house also. we just completed the purchase of the new property. its going to be a two story, four door double deep apparatus floor. i really wanted it to be a drive through but space is limited. we are working out all the specs now and hope to send them out to bid early fall . our plan is to have a huge meeting room that will double as a place where members can use for parties, weddings or whatever. offices, rec room, training room, all upstairs.down stairs a day room with a small kitchen. radio room,storage room to the max. from some of the best guesstaments it looks like a 2.5 million dollar deal. we have ben penny pinching for some time now and its not easy. if anybody out there has ben through this dont hesitate to post.

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    We just finished building our new 12,000sq foot firehouse two years ago. What a pain! However...we are very greatful for it. I have a few items that might help people in the future. 1) The general contractor will try to screw you---even volunteer fire departments. Do not become to friendly with those guys...just hurts more in the end when it comes to getting things fixed. 2) Get a good architect that cares about the job. 3) Make the bays completely drive through...if you don't have the space...make the space. 4) Give the members a "great" place to relax between alarms. We built a great bar and it really helps with keeping a good membership rooster. 5) Also the locks on the door. For some reason theft of little items in our firehouse is extremely great. The possible lock & key system is the magnectic system. Virtually impossible to break into...and with the click of a button you can deny members access to the building or certain rooms. Also give you a good idea of who is there all the time. 6) Exhaust system for trucks is also a grand idea. 7) We also installed an exercise room...while it not used to its fullest extent it has helped on member lose 75 pounds. That was worth it right there. Also intalled remote controlled garage door openers. A good generator to run the building during a power failure. I am sure there are things I missed...hope this all helps. Good Luck.

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    Kevin White
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    Our Department built a new firehouse about 8 years ago and the building is great. Its a 2 story comlex with a basement as well, and has 3 bays. Floor 1 has a double deep apparatus floor, a watch desk with bathroom, a room for the air compressor, a 3-4 story hose tower with windows on all 4 sides, a couple storage rooms and a fitness room with all kinds of work out equipment in it. The basement has a storage room which doubles as the boiler room and the rest is an indoor parking garage for the firefighters cars and any other FD vehicles. The second story has the chiefs office as well as a fire prevention office which doubles as the Deputy chiefs office. It also has a computer room,a lieutenants office,a large classroom for training etc, bathrooms for men and women, storage, a captains bunk/office, 2 bunk rooms a kitchen and a living room. All that for a cost of 2.5 million if I remember correctly. And the Dept. just last year had the plymovent ventilation system constructed in both the dept stations. Very modern station and modern looking with all the ammenities. Hope that might help you in your ideas.

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    We just built a 2nd station a year ago. Leave room for expansion. It's only half of what we wanted because the cities planning commission,and the arcitect. We got a fancy looking red roofed fire station with not enough room for what we wanted. Our original drawings got axed because of the design, but we didn't have any choice because of the budget. Think really big so if they downsize you stiil have plenty left!

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