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    My dept wants to buy a tanker from 4 Guys. I am curious as to what their rep is with tankers. I also would like to know what the history of the FL112 chassis is as far as experiences...good and bad for both please.

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    Do they own a pizza place?

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    We are also looking at a new tanker and 4Guys is near the top of our short list. We have never had a 4Guys piece but several neighboring departments have had very good luck with their rigs. We are close enough to deal factory direct, which we consider a big plus. So far, every department we have talked to has given 4Guys good recommendations.

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    RKenny BFDNY
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    e33, My Dept. currently has a 1983 Four Guys 2,500 gal. Tanker on a Ford chassis with the 12 speed citation. It is terrible. The worst truck we ever bought. We have had it in the shop routinely for the past 4 years or so. The tank is leaking about 200 gallons a day, so as you can tell it requires filling everyday. They have welded numerous times and put new baffles in the tank, but with no luck, the tank has rusted out and the body is rusting on the truck bad. It is a '83, however has less than 6,000 miles on it, since it only runs to nearby departments who are short on hydrant locations. They might have changed through the past 10 years, but I haven't checked up on them, since our dept. will never buy from 4 guys again. E-One has become our main supplier. Good luck.

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    They definitely have changed in the last 10 years. I'm currently only 30 minutes from them. I don't know the whole story, but they apparently went through a phase where someone in the hierarchy decided to cut as many corners as possible. It may have been the founder, but I'm not sure. That person was apparently booted out and started another company. 4 Guys has turned themselves around from that time.

    My dept. has a 1983 med. duty rescue from 4 Guys. It too, like that tanker, basically sucked. When we decided to refurb, the bid went to 4 Guys (after much investigation). The refurb was superb! I'd recommend them in 1999.

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    We purchased a 1998 Freightliner FL 80/4Guys
    engine. I have to say 4 Guys treated us right from the start. We are a small rual Fire Co. in Clearfield County, Pa. About 70 miles from 4 Guys. They sent a rep every time we request one. Every question was answered. The workmanship was excellant. They will even admit that their work in the
    late 70's early 80's was terrible. Other companies that have come to see our rig can't
    believe the change. We would not hesitate to
    purchase another rig from 4 Guys.

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    Local Department has a 4-guys tanker and it was very poorly built. They backed the tailboard into a tree stump and folded the officers side body right above wheelwell. Ther was no framework under the tailboard, the stainless and diamond plate were just hung from the body. This same department also had some warranty claims that were unfulfilled by 4-guys. If you want a good tanker, that is well built and functional buy a vacuum tanker from firovac. Check them out at www.Firovac.com

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    Four Guys has been in the business for 25 years. We just an HME Engine from them and it's great. The service and workmanship has been super. Several years ago 4 Guys had problems major problems but have turned things around. There are several of their engines and tankers in this area that are 10 years or newer and I have heard no complaints.

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    G Koons
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    Checkout New Lexington. They build stainless steel tankers.They are located not far from 4 Guys. Our Department has 2 tankers on Freightliner chassie. Worth a look. They have a webb site

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    One of the owners of New Lexington used to be one of the owners of 4 Guys. So I'm told.

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    Three years ago we bought a 1500 gal. tanker from New Lexington. It went on a 4900 series international and the fire body was refurbished with a new tank and pump. New Lex. was very cooperative and done an excellent job. No complaints anywhere from our company. They also stood by what they do.

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    OK here's the story as I have come to know it. 4 Guys company was originally started in 1970 or somewhere around there and rebuilt milk tankers both straight and semi. In 1973-74 after much encourangement from surrounding fire departments they built their fire dept. tanker and things took off from there. Like all other fire apparatus companies they have changed and improved over the years. Sometime around 1985 one of the key people at 4 Guys wanted to add aluminum bodies and other products their line but the rest of the board didn't. He than split off forming his own company which is now called New Lexington Fire Apparatus. These plants are only like 30 miles apart with both being off the Somerset exit of the PA Turnpike. (one south and one north) Both 4 Guys and New Lexington build top quality apparatus at a very affordable price but I feel New Lexington can offer a few more choices in the apparatus design and options. Your departments committee should contact and meet with both companies and compair to find out what each has to offer you. If you need to now anymore about either company feel free to email me. Thanks FGN.

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    I am from an area that has both makes of apparatus 4Guys and New Lexington and I have not heard a complaint of either make. I have had the chance to tour the New Lexington plant and I think it is really an outfit to look at, but do not sell 4Guys short at all. In the Gettysburg and Carlisle area there are several makes floating around but I must say these are the two I would go with if you were to buy a new tanker. Carlisle Union Fire Company has just purchased a tanker from 4Guys which replaced an older 4Guys tanker. Just remeber when you build your tanker make sure you put enough power and make sure it will not get overloaded quickly (like when you put your water and equipment on it). Also remember it is not the maker of the piece that makes it run and work well but how you set it up.

    In our area we have been able to produce what some people have told me are the best tankers and most funtionable ones on the east coast. If you would like to know how most of the tankers in our area are set up and maybe it sould inspire some other ares become a little better.

    I hope this does not sound goofy.

    go gettem and stay safe.

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    4Guys Refurb on of our tankers. It was a good truck when it left and was better when it came back. Others in area have 4Guys equipment and it is a mixed bag of feelings.


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    Our department has 3 trucks from 4 Guys. 2 tankers and an engine. All 3 trucks have given excellent service. There was a leak on the tank of our 2,500 gallon tank. It was a small leak and 4 Guys repaired it and improved the tank to prevent a repeat failure. I would recommend the company to any department looking for an apparatus.

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    I recommend you check out both web sites for 4 Guys and New Lexington at www.firetrucks.com. I have recently changed companies and I am now a New Lexington salesman in my area. I would be glad to answer any technical tanker questions about construction and materials about any maunfactor. I also recommend you contact the sales person for your area to get literature and information from both of these companies.

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    I highly suggest Master Body Works in California, they are building 2 trucks for us right now and are 3 months ahead of schedule.

    They also are building a number of vehicles for LA County and Riverside California and Phoenix.

    Very good company, great results, and great workmanship.


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