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    Post Code 3 Lightbars?

    My dept. is now purchasing fully loaded MX7000 lightbars with Smart Interesctions and the whole nine-yards. What is your opinion of these? Give Pros and Cons Please

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    I had a MX 7000 and loved it(only reason I got rid of it was needed the money). Never had any problems with it. All our department vehicles are equipped with them also. I have not had any experience with the smart intersections, but from what I have read they sound good.

    ED C.

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    We have used MX 7000 light bars on our smaller vehicles since the model came out from Code 3. One of the best things we ever bought. Never had a rotator fail yet,in at least 10 years. Changed a few bulbs, and also no flasher failures. I think you will be thrilled with them. They put out some serious light also. Some people have said that Stevie Wonder would see one go by! Good luck.

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    Thumbs up

    The Code-3 MX-7000 is a great piece of equipment. The only minor problem I've noticed with the MX-7000, is that 52 inch bars tend to sag in the center after several years. And this tend to be more apparent with the added weight of a siren speaker mounted in the bar. Other than that, you should expect to get many years of solid service from this lightbar.

    Stay safe!

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    We are very happy with the ones that we have on our apparatus. One thing I would recommend is to have your siren mounted in your front bumper. We have done this with all of our apparatus. This way you don't weigh your light bar down. It's also a lot quieter in the cab. Which is a big plus!

    Buckle-Up and Stay Safe!!

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    We have a MX7000 with stinger, intersectors, and it makes an impressive light show. Judging by how the road signs seem to jump out at you while driving the apparatus is puts out more light than any other bar in our department. The truck with this bar is really the only one that I notice road signs reflecting the light during daylight.

    New rescue truck is being spec'ed out right now, and MX7000 is the lightbar of choice.

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    I recently put 4 MX7000 all light bars into service including the intersection/ally combo and have been very happy so far with visability and functionality. BTW I agree with the statement about mounting the siren in the grille area 1) allows for maximum utilization of the lightbar 2) moves the siren away from the passenger area to improve hearing.

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