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    Post Inductive Transmission Retarders

    My fire department is getting ready to buy a new quint with a transmission retarder. Does anyone have experience with electronic/eddy current transmission retarders and/or the internal hydraulic retarders that are available in the Allison Transmissions? Any guidence is greatly appreciated.

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    As I understand the hydraulic retarder, it reverses the flow of the transmission fluid to provide the retardation. My experience is they work, and work well.

    We have one on our E-One pumper..it's the hydraulic style you mentioned. Also had two pumpers on my previous FD. They had 25% activation when the accelerator was released, then gradually increased as the brakes were applied. The E-One where I currently work is activated wholly when the brakes are applied. The harder the brake pedal is pushed, the higher the percentage of retardation. This, I feel, is more beneficial, as this allows the driver to romove his foot w/o activating the retarder.

    A neighboring FD recently received 30 or so pumpers with the hydraulic retarders. They were set @ 25% activation when the accelerator was released. They found that they were ruining their transmissions because of this and had the repairs done and switched them to brake pedal activation only.

    I think your FD will make a good investment with one of these devices. Good luck!

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    Watch out for overheating problems with the Tranny retarder. We have problems with it on out E-One 95' platform

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