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    morning, has anyone seen, bought, or operated Sutphen's TDA tower? It look intresting in the magazine but pictures do not tell the whole truth. a tillered tower truck could make alot of fire dept. very happy! thank k.m.

    p.s. to all the folks that e-mailed me about using capital letters all the time, are you happy now? LOL



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    I have had several oppurtunities to see the new Sutphen tiller/platform. At this time they have only built the prototype and are modifying it to get the bugs out. I think this type of apparatus will be great for the fire service, and with Sutphen building it, it will be strong as a rock. We currently have 2 of thier ladders and 1 platform, they build the best. Sutphen does have information they will send you on the tiller, call 1-800-848-5860.

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    If you attended the 1999 FDIC conference and wonderd why it wasnt on display, it was due to a small accident that it had entering the expo hall. They appeared to have jacknifed the truck and caused a significant amount of damage to the diamond plate boxes and frame coverings as well as the turntable and the trailer. I recently saw it at another show and it had been modofied so that this could not happen again! When it was first built, there were some compartments and etc hat were higher than the trailer, so when it turned at sharp angles, the trailer hit the boxes..OUCH!

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