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    Post Traffic Pre-emption System

    I'm looking for any departments that have an SOG/SOP written for a Traffic Pre-emption system. I would appreciate any info. Please fax to Capt. Maupin (650)341-7305

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    Mike C
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    What exactly do you want??

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    Our SOG states opticom use on all code 3 runs. Driver is responsible for vehicle safety/control; no more than 10mph over posted speed limit and still stop/proceed thru intersections at 5 mph.

    Sorry don't have fax....

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    We use the 3M Opticom system here. Drivers are trained that:

    1. Just because they get the green light from pre-emption, they are to procede with caution. Some car drivers have been too busy looking at the approaching fire truck to notice that their light has turned red. Driver mentality here is to run red lights & beat fire trucks at all costs.
    2. If your light fails to give you the green, you must come to a complete stop and then procede with caution once it has been determined that the intersection is clear.
    3. We use the mentality that the purpose for the pre-emption system is not for quicker response by getting all green lights and being able to blow through intersections - rather to assist in clearing an intersection of cars so that we can get TO the intersection.

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    Kevin White
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    In our town, we operate with the opticom system too. I think its a great system all in all, but I know first hand that it is something you have to be real careful with.
    I was driving in town when a box alarm came in and all the apparatus were in different locations for the response. At this particular intersection, it has poor visibility etc. Well, the ladder truck, coming from quarters was on the main drag with the green light, however, the ambulance was refueling and responded from the street which is the cross at this particular intersection. Needless to say, the two almost collided but luckily when the ambulance realized it was fighting a losing battle, they swerved out of the way of the aerial.
    Like I said though, great system but be very careful, pay attention and be careful.

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    I know this forun has been dead for a while but I'm new here. In my dept the standard is pretty much the same as everyone else has stated. Even if you get a green light proceed with caution, if you don't get a green light you probably didn't get there first. Also like most places our Opticom is wired into the Master switch. If the call doesn't warrant a code 3 response the unit shouldn't function. Also we have had our units wired so they go off when the Maxi brake is set. You get a lot of upset people when your keeping your side green at an intersection with an MVA.

    Keep it up and stay safe.

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