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    Wildfire Guest

    Red face Brush trucks

    Please tell me what kind of mini-attack vehicles, or brush trucks your department uses. What you like, what you don't. Also, what size tanks or pumps work the best. Thanks

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    e33 Guest


    1989 ford f-350, 4-Guys body built into p/u bed (not a skid unit). Has tool boxes mounted on the sides running the length of the bed. 250gwt, 200gpm. 150' 1" booster line, KK/TFT Pro Pak foam unit, 100' 1.75" rubber jacket hose. 2 jumpseats in the back for guys to ride in as they attack the fire. Works ok, has something to be desired..but it does ok.

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    Mike C Guest


    I like this one:
    <img src=
    Just your everyday 2500 gallon 8 wheel drive brush truck with roof mounted thermal imager.
    <img src
    "" ></a>
    In cab pump and gun controls allow high speed fire attack. Front turret has smooth bore and fog tips mounted for CAFS and or water/Class A foam.
    <img src=
    "" ></a>
    It will climb to 67%. It will go where motor cross bikes can't.

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    Wildfire Guest


    thanks for your replies

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    Eng 48 Guest


    1954 Dodge Power Wagon. 300 gal., 250 g.p.m. 2 booster reels, 150' 1 1/2, winch, and basic hand tools. Yup still in service. Thaught you might like that

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    phyrngn Guest


    2-1993 Ford Powerstroke Diesel F350 pickups with 4 wheel drive, 250 gal tank, 200 gpm gasoline pump, built in foam proportioner.

    1-1997 Ford F350 Powerstroke/E-One Jackrabbit body with 250 gal tank, KKK Systems Foam proportioner and 250 gpm pump. Duallie tires on the back/big body...might be too heavy, haven't gotten it stuck yet.

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    jsouza Guest


    Engine 6: Our first out unit. A 1981 E-One on a Chevy chassis. 500 gallons of water, 250gpm pump. About 2000' of 1 1/8" forestry hose (in the hosebed and in bags), a couple hundred feet of 1.5" and 800' of 2.5" Also has 2 or 3 chainsaws, and a boatload of hand tools. We also have one of our AEDs on this truck, it doubles as a first responder unit (also, our only LODD was a cardiac arrest at a brush fire, call us paranoid).

    Forestry 5: 1978 ex-US Army Dodge 4x4 pickup. 200 gallon tank, 250gpm pump. Mostly just forestry hose (about 800' or so) and a water tank with a few hand tools. Its mainly used to get to the head of the fire and knock it down quick. In the 5 years we've had it, we've yet to bury this truck.

    Forestry 1: Our newest addition. A 1968 ex-US Army Kaiser 10x10 dump truck. The bed was removed, and in its place a 1500 gallon tank was installed. 500 gallon pump on the rear of the truck. It only has hand tools and hose (1000' + of forestry, 150' 1.5", some 3") right now. As time goes on, and more money comes in, we will add in some power tools. This truck was put in service this past March, and its been a slow brush fire season this year, but the calls it has been on its already proven itself. 1500 gallons goes a long, long, long way at a brush fire. Particularly when you're used to 200 gallons at a time.

    You can see all of the trucks here:
    <A HREF="">Apparatus Room</A>


    "I can think of no more stirring symbol of man's humanity to man than a fire engine" -- Kurt Vonnegut

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