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    Unhappy American La France(Freightliner) Problems

    My Volunteer Company has purchased a new ALF/Saulsbury class A pumper,The unit has yet to be placed inservice,due to a pack of major problems.Such as,an early accident with it and not being able to secure replacement body cab parts from Freightliner Corp.AC problems,leakage on the cab floor,a recall from ALF due to cab reinforcements on the front,major electrical problems on the chassis,alternator we belive-its still up for grabs,No clear definitive service center in our area at first.Body compartments that leaked water,door cables that strech,poor welding on rear intake plumbing,and a bunch of other little problems that go along with any new piece of equipment. We paid over $350,000 dollars for this engine from two very respected manufactures and still the fun continues,..ANY BODY ELSE HAVING THESE KINDS OF PROBLEMS WITH YOUR AMERICAN LA FRANCE?,what are they and who solved them for you? Looking forward to your answers,Please don`t tell me we should have bought a Pierce. Safe Firefighting to all


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    Our volunteer company purchased a 1998 Frieghtliner/4Guys class A engine. The only problems we have encountered where the air conditioning and the Allision transmission.
    Murray Ford in DuBois, Pa. fixed the air conditioner. They said it was overfilled and
    ruined the dryer. They replaced it. The transmission was fixed by Penn Diesel in Bedford, Pa. There was a bare wire in side the transmission which caused it to shift hard. We also had the dryer on the air system replace by recall from the factory.

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