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    Post Hydraulic generators

    Does anyone have good or bad comments about hydraulic generators, specifically Hart-A-Gen and A.M.P.S. We're going to retrofit one engine with a hydraulic generator, and are in the process of spec'ing a new engine. Anyone's experience with these would be appreciated.

    R.A. Ricciuti, Firefighter
    Mt. Lebanon Fire Department

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    We have an amps generator on our new Pierce. I have not heard of any problems with it. It is great not to have to get out and start (wondering if you can start without flooding the carb.)the generator up and plug cords. You just flick the switches and "rock on".
    I am pretty sure our new ladder from Pierce is equipped with it also.

    ED C.
    "Doin' it for lives and property !"

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    hydo's are the way to go. They are quiet,reliable, and very low maintenance and most of all you don't lose any compartment space. Make sure it is big enough to fit your needs plus 20%. we have an amps on our new quint and it works super. Good luck

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    Ricky Bodin
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    We have two AMPS generators. One is a 20kw on our rescue truck and the other is a 7 or 7.5 kw on a pumper. We have had very good service out of both generators. The generator on the pumper was originally a 6.5 kw which self destructed after about a year. AMPs upgraded to the bigger unit free of charge and shipped the new generator overnight. You can't beat service like that. Over all we aare very happy with them. I think that the AMPS units will be spec'ed on all of our new units.

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    AMPS is great. We have one of the first units installed on fire apparatus, 1996 Pierce 100' TDA. 25kW. It is great because of the continuous power.
    The great benefit to AMPS over others is that it has a large range of RPM's to provide proper output. Ours is on all the time (though I would recommend a hotshift PTO if small model) so vehicle has 110/220 VAC all the time. Ours also has what they call a AC400DC converter which takes, I believe, 7kW and gives you 400 Amps of 12 volt. This was nessessary for us since we have a large load of 12 Volt components.
    Just remember when putting any load on an engine, total energy out equals total energy in. More specific, 2 kW roughly equals 1 HP of energy.
    AMPS is expensive and requires either a PTO output in your transmission or an enxtension of your crankshaft pulley.
    I don't know much about the reliability of the others.
    Good Luck

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    Tom Granat
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    a minor clarification to your post:
    1 HP = 746 watts, the 2kw you mentioned would equal 2.7 HP

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    We have a hydraulic generator on our 1995 E-one aerial and it's wonderful. We leave the breakers on for the two mast mounted quartz lights and when we get to the street we are looking for we hit the switch in the cab and light up the street - All the addresses become clearer when lit - imagine that! A hydraulic generator is now standard equipment for any future truck specs - you'll love it.

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    The only problem we have encountered is when the cooling fan quit. It would still provide power to the lights but only at 57 hz. This could affect power tool operation.
    Stay Safe...

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