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    Question Halon replacement agents

    I need information on possible halon replacement agents such as CO2, water mist, and any new agents comming onto the market. This is for a research paper for a technical communications class for my degree. If you know of any good reference materials please contact me at phxfyr@aol.com. Class ends Nov 30.

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    Sorry if this is a little late but i am new at reading these topics and just saw your question. Yes/no there is a replacement agent for halon but which one are u asking about.Halon 1211 for portable extinguishers or halon 1301 for fire systems. There is a replacement agent for the 1301 and they have come out with a new type of extinguishing agent for portables. Best thing u can do is ask your local fire extinguisher recharge company or visit any fire ext. website. i know Amerex has one but i do not know if any other companies do. I hoped i helped and good luck with your paper

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