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    Post Vacuum Tankers

    I would like to hear other departments experiences with vacuum tankers. We have one built by Firovac and absoulutely LOVE IT!!!

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    We have 5 vacuum tankers, 6 pumper tankers and a buncjh of standard tankers.

    The vacuum tankers work as well at draft as the pumper tankers, they do not dump as well as the pumper tankers 313, 336, 365, 419, 516 gpm per mile versus 500 643, 844 gpm, vacuum averaged 450 gpm and conventionals averaged 654 gpm and our best dumb water haulers move 443-580 gpm. One can move 435 2 miles.

    All the above are based on the ISO guys times and figures not ours. I think you should get the best overall rig for the job. Most vacuum rigs do not pump. So they are special purpose rigs. Whereas a pumper tanker can do lots of things.

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