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    My company is currently looking at new rescue trucks. I am looking for any ideas and input on models and types everyone has or prefers. Any special features that you have on the truck that come in handy. We are currently looking at Pierce rescues and are very impressed with this producted. Everyone please feel free to responed or email me with your ideas.

    Thanks in advance
    Ken Pawlak
    Ansonia,Ct. FD

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    We purchased a new Pierce rescue about 2 years ago. Has the common things installed that most include these days. Cascade system, 35KW generator, light tower, winch, and that sort of thing. I like the truck, and it has been very reliable, like the other Pierce rigs we own. One thing I don't care for is the way the light tower is mounted on top of the body. It sticks up when nested, so they installed a diamond plate box around the tower to protect it from tree branches and that sort of thing. It does the job, but now the diamond plate gets smacked by tree limbs and it is getting dented up. Besides that I think it spoiles the look of the truck somewhat. I have seen other Pierce rescues pictured with the same setup. I don't know if this will apply to you, but I wish we had mounted the light tower down in the body so the roof top is flush and lowers the overall height. This does eat some compartment space however. Almost forgot, the body A/C unit is behind the tower also, but is not as tall as the light tower. Another local department put their light tower on the crew cab roof, and it looks good, while not making the truck real tall. Best of luck with your new rescue!

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