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    Todd Trimble
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    Question 1999 Super Duty Ford PTO and Brush Trucks

    Is anyone building brush/field trucks on the 1999 F-SuperDuty Fords and using the 4R100 automatic transmission with PTO setup? I was looking at some articles today about the "new" idea of PTOs on automatics in mid-duty rigs. Got me thinking about whether or not that would be a good brush rig setup. I imagine a 4x4 F-350 or so with the 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel, a 4 door crew cab, front spray bar, booster reel (or 2), maybe 300 gal poly tank, 200-250 gpm PTO pump and toolbox sides for storage. Plus or minus foam, depending on your department's needs.

    Anyway, am I dreaming? You got one of these or similar? I'd like to hear about it...


    Todd Trimble
    Fairland Volunteer Fire Department

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    I have been told by several builders that their is no PTO port on the auto trans. when it is on a 4X4. The only time their is a pto port on a auto is with a two wheel drive. Also Ford will not allow a split shaft driven anything ( pump, generator). It is my understanding the only options on a 4x4 are a seperate engine driven pump or a manual transmission. Nice chassis just not a lot of drive options for accessories.


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    Todd Trimble
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    That may be the case. I'll do some more digging. The first article I read claimed that the "4x4 transfer case does not have a PTO window". (Fine, seems to me that the transfer case doesn't need one if the tranny has one I can use...) However Dana advertises the Chelsea 242/244 PTO line with the claim that the 242 is 4x2 application and the 244 is 4x4 application on the F-SuperDuty series. Heavy Duty trucking Online had a tech blurb about it (http://www.heavytruck.com/hdt/1998/02/139a9802.html). I'll try to follow up...


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    It is my understanding that it's the PTO location that is the problem on the new F550 chassis style. For some reason it prevents a straight line for the PTO shaft to go back to the pump/gear box. I guess Ford kinda screwed up a good thing this time. I look forward to them making changes to iliminate this problem in the future. I also just heard that someone (a pump company) is playing around with a hydralic driven pump for the new F550 chassis. This set up would have a hydralic pump under the cab and two hyd. lines running to a power transfer divice hooked to the gear box spinning the pump gear box. Sounds kinda different huh?
    Oh well I geuss we will see huh. Thanks and hope this helps out. Check out my new reply under AMPS generators on F550 Fords.
    The FireGuyNeil.

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