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    Post Ford F450 500 Chassis

    Has anybody had any experience with the Ford 450 or 550 chassis. My company is looking at the possibility of using such a chassis to build a special unit type vehicle with a small rescue style body. We would be using it to haul extra troops and equipment.
    Thanks in advance

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    Got a relative on a neighboring town FD. They recently purchased a unit like you are describing, said it is gutless no power.

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    bus master do you know what power plant they put in the rig. I do know you can put a cummins 195 hp engine in them.

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    Our department ambulances are on E450 chassis with powerstroke diesel. Lots of power. Main differance between 3, 4, & 500 series is what payload capacity your looking for. Only problem local departments and ourselfs have had is with transmission.

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