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    Question Brush Vehicle Spec.'s

    I too am looking for information on brush vehicles. I have been appointed to a committee to develop spec.'s for vehicles to be used by my Dept. It is our Chief's intent to purchase vehicles capable of maneuvering in moderately thick woods & moderately rough terrain. We currently have several JEEP type vehicles which maneuver well but don't carry much water or equipment. We also have several 4X4 pickup trucks with skid load tanks. These sort of have the opposite advantages of the Jeeps. I have read the messages about the Hummers, but I think new ones would be more expensive than the budget allows. Any and all suggestions, good &/or bad points, likes/dislikes, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Ron.

    I think the best thing to do is stay with the 4x4 trucks. You can bring more water and personal to the fire. They might not be as maneuveral as the jeeps, but if the terrain is that rough do you need to be driving around in it. You are right the hummers would be the way to go but they want to much for them. Good luck.

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    1-ton 4x4 cab and chassis with a custom built body with a tank, pump, reel and storage compartments work well.

    Most in our region carry 300 gallons of water with a 18hp pump and have foam systems.

    I can provide you with more detail and pics if you desire

    As for Hummers - Great vehicles if you can afford them. You can almost fully build two standard brush trucks on 1 ton chassis for the price of a Hummer chassis only.


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    Look into surplus army 2 1/2 ton trucks fitted with a tank (500gal is best, and crew cab. On Long Island we call them "Stump Jumpers" further south they call them "Brush Breakers".

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    I also agree that a 1 ton 4x4 chassis with a utility body and a skid unit work about the best for the money. I have been involved in the building of 4 different brush units in my 15 years as a volunteer. Most of these units have operated in rural and suburban areas that were for the most part hilly. I also think that in certain areas having at least one large brush truck or a four wheel drive tanker/tender is a good plan. This will not only increase your capabilities but will provide an additional and flexible resource that can be used for many tasks. If you have any questions or would like any additional information please feel free to email me. Thanks FGN

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    Our "newest" brush truck is an Army surplus 1968 Kaiser 10x10 dump truck. We removed the dump body, had a 1500 gallon tank put in its place, installed a large rear step with a 500gpm pump and a 12x12 Newton dump valve, and had bars placed around the truck. There's a lot more about the truck (with pictures) here: http://members.aol.com/SwanFDCo1/forestry1.html


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