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    Post hydraulic generator on Ford F550

    Does anybody know if an AMPS system can be fitted to a Ford 550 4 wheel drive automatic transmission?

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    It is my understanding that it can not go on the 4x4. Their is no pto shaft on the 4x4 version to power the amps. Also a split shaft version is not allowed per Ford. Smart power was working on a belt driven 8-10 kw system but i have been told that they have given up due to costs to engineer the unit. Ford says it must be a stand alone system, seperate belts pullies ect.Sorry.

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    Check out a company called Aura Systems. The recently came out with a vehicle mount generator that might fit the bill. I don't know of anyone who has any experience with them yet. Their website is: http://www.aurasystems.com/auragen.htm

    R.A. Ricciuti, Firefighter
    Mt. Lebanon Fire Department

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    Ford made a big mistake this time and screwed all of us prospective customers as well as themselves this time. The new Ford F550 4X4 has the transmission PTO yoke facing forward instead of to the rear. They also didn't leave adaquate room for larger hydralic pumps or other connections. It will permit a wrecker or dump truck hydraulic pump but not a hydraulic pump big enough to drive a hydralic generator or a water pump. I even heard that a company was playing around with a system to drive a water pump with a hydraulic system like a generator just to have somthing to offer on these Ford chassis. This was a mojorly overlooked mistake on Fords part and I heard a rumor that they are now looking at future changes due to complaints from most of the fire appataratus manufactors.

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    Jeers to two companies on this issue:

    1) Yes, there seems to be little opportunity for serious use of the PTO shaft from Ford's 4x4 transfer case. The shaft has so many limitations, that it would be hard to put it to use well on a brush truck (as I had inquired about previously). [Cheers, though, if they're working on fixing it!]

    2) Aurasystems might not be telling the whole truth. Their "Generator Comparison" chart seems to neglect that their generator requires a vehicle to operate when they compare lbs/Watt, cubic inches/Watt and $/Watt. I bet the scores in the AURAGEN column would change considerably if a Chevy Tahoe was included in the size, weight and price of their system.

    Todd Trimble
    Fairland Volunteer Fire Department

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