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    Question Rear Mounted Pumps

    I am still looking for more responce from departments using or buying rear mount pumps. How do you like it? Does it work well? What kind of chassis do you have it on? Is it pto or midship driven? Does it pump and roll? What make of pump is it? What is it rated at? Send me any replys or discussions about this new and growing trend in the fire service. Thanks FGN.

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    We have a pumper tanker on order with a rear mount pump. The rear pump allowed us to keep a short wheel base and overall size smaller. Ours will be a split shaft driven rearmount most are using a pto driven rearmount but that limits you to a 1500 GPM or smaller. Ours will be a 2500 GPM RME HALE. Seems like rearmounts are becoming popular with most mid size builders at least willing to talk about it. We have a guy on our Dpt. who was full time in England where that is all they run and he also speeks highly of that set up. If you would like more info on our unit let me know and i will send you the specks.
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    We have a rear mount that has been in service for 2+ years.

    This is on our first out pumper, which is a CAFS system, on a 4 wheel drive 4900 International chassis. The main reason we went with the rear mount was to keep the truck as short as possible, yet provide us with the compartment space and capacity to be a viable first due pumper. The truck sits on a 170" wheelbase, with short overhang front and rear so it can navigate the very steep, narrow and twisting roads in parts of our district.

    As or first due pumper, and as a CAFS pumper, responding to urban interface wildland fires, and to MVA, (truck is Class A and Class B capable with dual foam tanks) it is serving three key functions. The rear mount allows the compartment space to carry the normal equipment, first responder equipment, plus positive pressure fan, rescue tool, cribbing, and wildland firefighting equipment. And we still haven't filled the compartment space.

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