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    Post Light Tower on New Apparatus

    My department is writting specs on a new rescue pumper and we are considering a light tower. Any suggestions on which to use, Command Light or Will-Burt? Any help you can provide is appreciated.

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    We have a Wil-Burt on our rescue, now 2 1/2 years old and we love it. Never had any problems, no bulb replacement yet. Works like a charm every time. We were told that it is better to have a a pnuematic tower than mechanical, less problems. We have had no problems with them icing up and getting stuck. If that happens, aim the light down and the heat will melt it away. We have four lights on our tower 1500 watts each, I believe the tower extends 15 ft. up in three sections. If memory serves me correctly it was about $15,000. Due to compartment configuration our lays down across the truck. The base is on the drivers side and the head is on the officers side. I have ones that do not lay down, they just retract down into the truck, but remain in a vertical position. That will all depend on who is building your truck and your compartment layout.

    This thing has been great, I would not order another truck without one!!! We even get mutual aid calls for it.

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    We have a 9000 watt model our heavy rescue in my volunteer department. We ahve a Will-Burt and would not trade it for anything. Ours is mounted like the previous post by ChapCapt. Avoid the vertical storing type. That storage space has to come from somewhere and it will be your compartment space that gives up the room. Also if you have a problem with it you could potentially have limited access to it by having to go thru the body or compartment to get to it. If its up top then its all there to see and fix. Just my thoughts. Oh yeah, get a generator that will run your entire light tower and everything else on your rig at the same time. I am talking about emergency lights, A/C, radios, etc. Be safe.


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    I agree. Ours is recessed into the roof, that was dead space anyway. It is recessed in between or air and hyraulic reels which are mounted on the ceiling of the box. A PTO driven generator is the way to go. We have a 25KW that runs all the lights, the Hurst pumps, the cascade system, the light tower etc..

    Good luck, happy shopping.

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    We also have the Wil-Burt tower, 11' mast, 4 1500w floods. Initially we had a problem with a board in the unit which they replaced. Works great. Our rescue was spec'd with a dunnage area in the roof which the light folds down into. We have a walk around heavy rescue so head space was not a concern. When the light is stowed it is completely out of sight.

    Be Safe,


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