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    Question Rescue Pumper Spec's

    We are looking to purchase a Rescue/Pumper we already have a heavy rescue and a light rescue. We are looking to get rid of the light rescue and take the extrication tools and prepipe hydraulic lines into the pumper anyone that can send me some ideas on how to set up a rescue pumper would be appreciated, copies of a spec would be better. Feel free to email me at kbadler@aol.com. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We are a volunteer dept. with approx 30 members, with a population in our district of approx 10000. Thanks
    Keith Badler
    1st Lieutenant
    Robertsville Volunteer Fire Co. 1
    Morganville, NJ

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    Hey, we'll sell you one
    '92 Pemfab Imperial 8 man cab
    8V92TA Detroit Diesel, Allision HT741 transmission
    Saulsbury Stainless body
    bumper line
    2 crosslays, large hose bed (a bit high)
    front soft suction
    Hale 1250 500 gwt
    Two preconnect 100' lines from elec simo
    room for two additional gas simo pumps
    2 spreaders, 3 cutters, 5 rams, 1 combi
    Cribbing, Jacks, Jimmi Jacks, chains, straps
    200' air reel
    2 300' electric reel
    12kW Onan Diesel Gen
    4 saws
    exhaust fan
    ppv fan
    salvage gear
    rope gear and stokes basket
    water rescue gear
    hand and pneumatic tools
    arcair torch

    A good squad, an OK pumper

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    is that the "mini" you guys are selling? or the squad? Wasn't the squad for sale a few yrs ago?

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    You may want to consider a rear mount pump it allows you more compartment space and a short wheel base. We currently run a E-One hush as a rescue/pumper does both jobs ok not great at any one. If you have a heavy squad for the true rescues this may be a good choice for the simple things and as a back up for multiple or larger incidents.


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    E33, we took the squad up to Portland with the 'For Sale' sign, what, 3 years ago? But never really worked on selling it, until just now. Look for ads in Firehouse and the PA fireman.

    We're taking delivery shortly of a new Seagrave / Saulsbury, hopefully before the end of the year. If you want to look its on our home page www.bhvfd14.org.

    Our membership has decided to keep the 'mini pumper' (which is what I described) and sell the 'mother squad'. I am in the minority that want to keep the 'real squad' and forgo having any big water in our station, but if someone wanted to buy Rescue Squad 14R (as it is known now), we might be able to rethink...

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