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    edfc Guest

    Post light towers

    Can somebody provide me with any information they have or actual experiences with the new telescopic light towers on the market. We are specing a squad and want to have such an item placed on the vehicle.

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    ChapCapt Guest


    There is an active discussion on this just a few topics below this one in the same Forum. There are some good comments in there.

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    Justin Gershon Guest

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    MetalMedic Guest


    The Wil-Burt company is right here in Orrville. We have one of their units on our new pumper and an old unit on our crash truck. Both seem to be OK, but I am a little dissappointed that Wil-Burt didn't cut us a deal on the units. After all, we do provide their fire protection... rumor has it they donated Akron (OH) Fire Dept. a unit so they could take publicity pictures of the rig... I guess an Orrville Fire truck doesn't look good in advertisements....

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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    Batt #2 Guest

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    We have had a Wil Burt 6000 watt tower since 1995 It was the best money we spent. for scene safety and quick set-up it can't be beat. Only thing to remember is the rain when it starts to gets below 32 deg.
    Just keep it served and it should work fine

    Good choice Tracey


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    fireferret Guest


    Light towers are an excellent investment for any department. They really do turn night into day. Articulating vs. Telescopic: The articulating towers (use a Wilburt Night-Scan, not a Command-Lite) are excellent if you need all the room you can get in your truck. Telescopic towers require space for the mast to go down into the body, using up compartment space, whereas articulating towers can be put on a cab roof or on top of a rescue or in the hose bed. However, telescoping towers come in much taller units (6 and 7 booms can be 35' and up as apposed to a 15' Night-Scan.) For most departments, a 4 head (1500 Watts each) will do the job very well, but if you want to recreat the sun six heads may be even better. Fire Research Focus lights are my preference (smaller heads, better beam and they come in up to 2000 Watts a piece -- yes 12 kiloWatts on a six head tower -- spec a big generator.)

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    edfc Guest


    WE have decided on the command light by Super-Vac primarily because of the restriction we will have with space. The vehicle we are having built is on a Ford F550 Chassis. We are going with 6,000 watt.
    Thank you all for your input.

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