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    Post Air Horn Switches

    Does anyone have air-horn switches on the pump panel of you fire apparatus?? We are considering putting them on the panel for emergency situations. Currently the operator has to leave the panel and get into the cab to do this. A switch on the panel would allow the operator to stay at his/her post. If you are using this currently, what type of switch did you use? Factory mounted or department maounted.
    Thanks a lot!

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    Captain Hickman
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    All of our new specifications writen on apparatus call for an air horn button on the pump panel. All of our rigs are top mounted panels and this allows us to use the engineer as another set of eyes for the safety officer. With the engineer up high he has another, if not better, angle to view the scene.

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    We had the factory install them when the engines were delivered. Our emergency evacuation signal utilizes a 30 second blast of the air horns. We can also call for the hydrant to be charged with 3 blasts.

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    Our newest apparatus has a chrome button marked "airhorn". That is located on the pump panel basically eye height for most on the left side. This is used for when the engineer is ready for the hydrant to be open during an incident. Also for the use of pulling all personal out of a fire building. We also have next to the airhorn button another button for the mechanical Q siren. That also is for personal evacuation out of a fire building. The airhorn signal for hydrant water flow is 3 quick blasts. And the evacuation signal is to just let go and hold them both for about 15-30 seconds.( and that is all apparatus on the firegrounds, and I must say it is pretty damn loud!!!)

    David DeCant
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    Presently Lindenwold,NJ(I'm not a member of any of this District's dept's.)

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    One of our 1994 KME pumpers has an air horn button on the pump panel & works great when needed & we have not had any problems with it. Our Department is getting ready to spec 2 new pumpers & the air horn buttons will be on those pump panels as well.

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    Our new pumper has one that was installed at the factory. This is out first truck to have this on the pump panel. Works great.Saves a trip to the cab when you need to blast it fast.


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    The air horn button on the pump panel is a great feature. It not only allows the operator to help make an evacuation signal but it allows the operator to signal if he would have a mechanical or other problem with the apparatus while operating at a fire scene. As far as signaling to the hydrant man this practice has been done away with by most departments in my area. The main reason for this is confusion caused by other responding apparatus using their air horns. Also most department now have an ample amount of portable radios and designate one for the layout man. This is especially helpful in areas where the hydrant is not visible from the fire ground or where the engine is positioned. I hope this insite will help. The FireGuyNeil.

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