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    JonJohn33 Guest

    Question Helmet Size

    What is the largest size a helmet can fit? 7

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    mikey Guest


    Well, generally as the helmets change in color to red then white, the sizes you can purchase get bigger. HA

    Don't know the answer to your question, just saw an opportunity there.

    Anyone that gets offended.....lighten up.

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    S. Cook Guest


    Heck no, I'm a big guy and wear a 7-5/8 inch hat (I'm just a capt. Mikey) My Cairns 1010 with the adjustable ratchet fits heads bigger than mine - even with a nomex hood and mask on.

    But hey, everything's big in Texas

    If your looking at leathers though, they do come in different sizes - even bigger than 7.

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