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    Post E-one vs. KME

    We have recently recieved bids on a Rescue/Pumper from both E-One and KME.
    Anyone with pro's or con's of either please reply. I know which one the committee wants but with bids you must award to lowest respectable bidder. KME is the lower bidder. I need any and all feed back
    Thank You

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    resqb Guest


    LOWEST RESPECTABLE (responsible?) BIDDER is the key. What you are looking for is service after the sale. Look at the dealers services and talk to their customers. Are they happy with the dealer? My dept. isn't with the dealer for our E-One rescue pumper. It's been to FL and also Saulsbury several times to fix several problems, mostly because the dealer didn't stay with the company. And that's another problem, get an idea of the financial position of the company you are dealing with. Listen to the engineers from each company, and if they say they can't build it, believe them. Forcing a company to build something their experts say can't be built to hold together is just asking for trouble(i.e. my depts rig).
    Time for my $.02...Go with the E-One. To me it just seems like a more solid piece of equipment. But everybody has their opinions. Good luck with your purchase.

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    JARose Guest


    I was on the committee to purchase an engine a few years back. We received 5 bids from 5 different companies for the engine. We did not go with low bid. The two companies that were lowest bidders did not include equipment that we specified. The low bid company threatened to sue the city if we did not award the bid to him. We held our ground and awarded the bid to the company that would build the engine we specified. You ultimately have to use the engine you buy. You know what your area needs based on your experience. Don't let the salesmen, city council, or district board tell you what you need. Its your job to tell them what is required to do your job. If the committee knows what the department needs, it should go for that apparatus. However, you should also be prepared to justify your decision. We were prepared and it payed off. By the way, we bought a KME. We've had no problems.

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    djs523 Guest


    We continue to have problems with our E-One and it is now four years old.

    Electrical problems, pump test passing issues, and air conditioning problems.

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    Our last two purchases have both been KME's. Any problems we had were readily corrected, and there weren't that many. I can't speak from experience on the E-One, but our KME's have served us well. If the specs are all comparable, I'd seriously consider the KME.

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    Our last two purchases have both been KME's. Any problems we had were readily corrected, and there weren't that many. I can't speak from experience on the E-One, but our KME's have served us well. If the specs are all comparable, I'd seriously consider the KME.

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    AlaskanKare Guest

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    Our Department has a 96 KME TypeIIA Engine, and a 96 Heavy Rescue Walk-In, we love them both and haven't had any major problems, or many minor ones either. We do have an 83 E-One, but it an 83 so you can't really compare it. I have heard alot of complaints about both. But I really like the KME's. We are specing for a new aerial and pumper. I just wish KME made an aerial for our needs.

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    My department currently has 7 E-One trucks in service.We are very pleased with the performance of these trucks, the oldest is an 86 model.We have had very few problems. The problems that we had were minor or not related to the manufacturer.I have not personally used a KME but have heard very bad reviews from nieghboring departments.

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    Our department currently has 3 KME engines in service, (1) 1993, and (2) 1999. All have proven to be tough trucks so far. A few electrical problems when the 93 was new and was addressed very rapidly and aggressivly by KME. Also had a UPF poly tank split and once again KME ordered the tank, had it in 3 weeks, installed in 3 days. Also some minor problems such as gate balls with excess wear (replaced on warranty)All problems were taken care of by KME without question or hesitation. Overall, for the price (usually less than other quality builders), the trucks are solid, service is great, and they stand behind the product 100%. I agree with one poster above, If the engineer (from any company) tells you it should'nt be done, dont do it, you will probably end up paying for it later.

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    Currently have 5 E-One trucks in service and aside from the normal glitches involved with all manufacturers have had no outstanding problems. Always had quick service from both Ocala and our local rep when problems arose.
    A neighboring company has 2 new KME engines in service and they have spent more time in the Shop than in service.
    Philadelphia FD is having a number of problems with their fleet of KME engines.
    Everyone has their problems, but I agree with some of the other posts, if they say that they can't build it - don't make them try.
    A good set of specifications and meetings with both reps will get you a truck that you are happy with. Don't rush it - our last truck spec's were 200+ pages, and it was a twin to one we ordered a year previous. Be specific as to what you want and hold the manufacture to what you want not what they want to build. Good luck, and remember to let us know who you decided to go with.

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    My department finally got rid of all E-Ones, and thank God we only have 2 KMEs. In my opinion both E-One and KME are JUNK. I have worked on both and they did not leave a favorable impression. That is the opinion of this Fireman. Take it or leave it.

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    The bid has been awarded to E-One. I thank you for your replies.


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    Nuff said?

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