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    Jim M. Guest

    Question CAFS Questions

    In the January issue of Fire-Rescue there's an excellent article on how a new CAFS engine was designed. Brunacini was quoted as saying "If you buy a fire truck without a compressed air foam system (CAFS), it's obsolete.". Does anyone know where this original article or quote could be located? Trying to spec out a CAFS engine and getting lots of resistance from apparatus vendors who keep saying "it's still an untested, expensive bell and whistle".

    Anyone have sample specs for commercial chassis CAFS they might be willing to share?

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    Firehose Guest


    I am sending you the specs we used to bid our CAFS pumper
    Good Luck

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    Darcad Guest



    My company is very interested in working you on a CAFS pumper. CAFS is one of our strenghts and the technology and information is only getting better.

    We have a wide range of product and CAFS systems.

    We currently do not have a dealer in you area, but we can work with you factory direct.

    Alot of manufactures reps still do not understand the benefits of having a compressed air foam system. If properly installed and designed it will be easy to operate and maintain.

    Our companies CAFS system is avaliable to all truck builders in our industry.

    E-mail me for more information.

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    LT302 Guest


    Can I get a copy of your specs?

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    smitheps Guest


    Bought a CAFS pumper a two years ago....I have mixed reactions as to its use but if all you want are specs its not a bad piece.

    1998 Sparten/3D (now American LaFrance)
    1000gpm Hale CAFS Pump
    750gal water/50gal class A/50gal class B
    6man enclosed
    1000ft 5in
    500ft 3in
    2 200ft preconnected CAFS attack lines (2in)
    1 200ft preconnected CAFS attack line (2.5in)
    1 150ft preconnected AFFF attack line (2in)
    330hp Cummins M-11
    Allison 5spd world class automatic

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