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    My department is looking to purchase a sport utility type vehicle as our response vehicle. This will be also used for Incident Command. We are looking at Ford Expadition, Chevy Tahoe's. We need only the two front seats. Back to be used for storage. Instuments,Hazmat kits, etc... Is anyone out there have any vehicle like what we are looking for? I would like some feed back suggestions etc....
    Thank you!!

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    Try here, that should give you some ideas.

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    We use them as Chiefs cars. Currently we have 3, the oldest is a '95 or '96. We love them. No problems. We have not done any modification with the exception of adding a home built command/storage box in the cargo area of each car. They have been wired to charge the chiefs hand light and portable radio. The weight of the box does effect the handling and ride a bit but no complaints. We have decided to use them exclusively. They are also on state bid in New York so we save a few bucks.

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    All three of our Department's command vehicles are SUV's. Car 1 (Chief's vehicle) is a Ford Explorer, the Deputies have a Ford Expedition (Car 2) and the Comm Unit is a Chevy Suburban (Car 3) All are four wheel drive and were purchased on the State bid. The seats are still in them, they are also used for transporting personnel to and from stations, etc. The rear cargo areas have storage boxes for equipment, radios, etc.

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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