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    Question Ambulance Chassis Choice

    The fire District I work for will be purchasing a new ambulance very soon. I would like to get some opinions on what chassis people are using. We currently are runnning Ford E-350s with 7.3 diesels. We find them to be underpowered and over the GVW. I am interested in hearing from people that use Ford E-450s, Freightliner FL60s, or International 4700 Lo-Profiles.


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    In this same topic, a few posts back, a Capt Brent Stanley asked pretty much this very same question. Change the date in the above right from "last 30 days" to "show all topics" and scroll down to "EMS chassis" by the above named Capt. There is info and talk about what you are looking for. I'm sure he wouldnt mind if you email'd him to discuss his findings in depth.

    Having used both the E-450's and FL-60's at my place of employment (NOT a fire/ems gig) and currently using FL-70s at my firehouse, I can only state again what is already stated in the topic. These vehicles are BIG trucks and will ride like BIG trucks!! Do not expect a comfortable ride. (my pesonal fav is the MaxiMedic...but what do I know)

    Good luck and remember that you get what you pay for!!

    Stay Safe And Stay Low


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    We have used E-350 Type III's, Navistar 4700LP and currently Freightliner FL50.

    The E350's are usually overweight and cramped in the cab. The 4700 was OK except for being underpowered. We are very happy with the FL50 with a Cummins 300Hp engine and Allison 6 speed World transmission.

    We have found no significant difference in ride quality between the 3 models (except we used to bottom the front-end out in the E-350 all the time). The E-350 would eat brakes yearly, the bigger rigs brakes we not touched in 60K miles.

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