I wanted to alert everyone that Seagrave has come up with a "new" testing procedure for their aerial ladders. The reason the word new is in quotations is because Seagrave is claiming that this procedure has been in place since ~ 1990. However, UL (Underwriter's Laboratory - which tests Seagrave's Ladders at the factory) was unaware of this "new" procedure.

This "new" procedure came about due to the failure of a 1985 Seagrave aerial ladder to pass the twist portion of the NFPA Ladder Testing Procedure. It now "passes". I won't go into the implications here on this, but I felt everyone should be aware of the change.

The change involves how the twist is measured in each section of the ladder and the removal of any hose/master streams that are removable (not permently mounted). The hard copy we received from Seagrave does not include the removal of the hose/master stream, but the Seagrave representive insists that that has always been part of the procedure.

I suggest that you contact Seagrave directly to get the story from them if you own one of their ladders and perform annual testing on it.

Stay safe, train safe...