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    Jim M.
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    Exclamation Hale Pumps Dropping CAFS !!

    Well, just when I thought I had a fairly good handle on what CAFS was, who the major players were and why my Town Meeting should give me the extra $50,000 above the cost of a normal engine to include it on our next purchase, one of my strongest arguments gets knocked for a loop.

    Every source I've read has talked about how CAFS is the future of the fire service. How effective it is. How ISO in some areas gives extra credit. Well, Hale Pumps has just sent out a mailing announcing they are dropping that product line completely.

    Strikes me that when one of the largest manufacturers of fire pumps in the US drops the line entirely there just might be something us common folk don't know! Is this a problem where the CAFS system is so complicated that the ordinary FF can't operate it properly? Is this a signal that we should be watching for other makers to bail out? How can anyone spend $50,000 on the "latest & greatest" when something like this happens?

    Any ideas?

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    We spent 20K for CAFS on every rig in the FD. OUrs has worked from day one. Nothing complex at all when we engage the pump we have to throw one more switch. There are no other controls. We use CAFS on all structure fires and have for 4 years. It coupld be the pull out is there own problems with their own system. I saw a Waterous CAFS system last week in Texas that worked perfectly out of the box on the first try.

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    Intersting News! Hale was supposed to conduct a CAFS demonstration for our fire academy a while back. All arrangements were made and many FD folks signed up. A day before the demo, they called and cancelled, blaming an equipment breakdown (no specifics). They promised to call and re-schedule, but they never did. Now I know why!

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