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    Post New Idea for rehab

    I am not sure if this is the right column, but here goes.
    Our dept. was out on MVA late one night standing around waiting for the wrecker to show up to pick the vehicle up. While we were standing around watching the Sheriff's Dept. finish their investigation, one of the fireman made a mention, since it was cold and misting rain, that it it would be nice if we had something to stand under so as not to get soaked by the rain. Well a couple of days ago while at the station, one of our members that helps with the vehicle maintenace called me over to our pumper. When I got up to him he handed me a tarp and asked me to walk down the side of the truck rolling it out as I go. As I did this he also walked along side of the truck and was snapping the tarp to the rain gutter along the top. Than he walked alongside the truck, under the tarp and opened the top compartment doors, they open up towards the top of the truck, this left the tarp hanging down over them to about 6 inches above the ground. This left a space of about 3 feet away from the truck that is protected from the elements. He than told that he is going to bolt Lightbar magnets to the eyelets on the end that is hanging so when at the scene we can pull our rescue truck along side and attach that end to the rescue truck to make a sort of tent. The only bad thing about this that I could see and mentioned to him was that the tarp didn't have a spot in it were you could see through, without getting out from under it, or that there was no way to stabilize it so it doesn't blow in the wind. He said that's what the tent stakes are for!!! I had not seen them yet. Let me know what you think??

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    My FD had a new Rescue delivered 3 years ago. During an inspection trip to the factory, we saw a Command Post Vehicle that was being built and it was equipped with a roll-out awning. We thought that such an awning would be good for rehab. After much discussion at the next truck committee meeting, we decided to have the awnings installed on our rig. Some members thought the awnings were a waste of money and ugly, but everyone loved them at a structure fire we had soon after the rig was delivered when it started raining! The awnings also provide much needed shade during hot summer days. This past summer we were called for mutual aid to a neighboring town when they had a midday house fire on July 4th weekend. The shady area under our awning was used for personnel staging! It was much cooler under the awning.

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    Thanks FDTrainer. I put this up because I thought t was a good idea and because I had never heard of or seen anything like it. I guess our Dept. is not the first to think of it or something like it.

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    I like both ideas. A word of caution from a voice of experience, be sure if you have a roll-out awning that you secure it in the wind and don't let water stand on it. A friend if mine destroyed one on his camper when a gust of wind took it out. Then his replacement ripped its bolts out of the camper when it got overloaded with rain. (He uses an unattached tent now)

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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