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    Question #1 Ambulance? or NOT?

    I was wondering if you could tell me what you think is the best ambulance out, with the most comfortable ride and alot of space inside. Can you also tell me what city uses them? I am interested in looking for a city to work for that not only has great equip. but averages a good number of calls.
    Can you PLEASE HELP?
    -Look foward to reading your responses!

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    There is a lot of close competition in rigs today. They are very close between Horton and Braun. They both use Ford chasis and Powerstroke turbo diesels. Just a word of advice stay away from commercial chasis...
    ex. Frieghtliner they ride horrible, very rough. And people I know that have them have had eletrical problems.

    David DeCant
    Originally Mantua,NJ
    Presently Lindenwold,NJ(I'm not a member of any of this District's dept's.)

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    I would say i have to agree. Stay away from commercial chassis. There is really no benefit that i see. Where i work we currently have a 98 Horton Ford E450 Super Duty with the power stroke turbo deisel. It is the best ambulance i have ridden in and worked in. Ours has a 6 foot ceiling in the back which is very nice. It has more compartment space than any other we looked at. With the turbo deisel the engine has plenty of power. It is a great all around ambulance. Many people prefer the commercial chassis because they think it is more heavy duty and will last longer. The Ford super duty chassis is also manufactured for heavy duty use. It has not had any problems yet.

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    I work part-time for a service that uses MedTechs, and they ride like buckboards. My old vollie squad, on the other hand, has Hortons-and they're worth the pile of money you have to spend on 'em. The ride in the back is incomparable. As for Freightliners, if they ride anything like the Pierce/FL fire trucks we have, you might as well just tow the stretcher behind a pickup truck... Now, when I hear "Braun," I always think of that odd box-with-the-corners-lopped-off thing they made their name with, but I've seen a Braun box unit that's really neat. It's about the same overall exterior size, but the back doors (and the inside) are something like 4-6" wider. I've only seen it once, but it made an impression, and the squad guy I talked to said they liked it.

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    Thumbs up

    I'm with a small Vol.Co. we just purchased a 2000 Freghtliner with a Horton box.As for the ride I drove it 507 miles from the plant and it rides and performs better then any superduty that I have been in.I also work for a company that service ambulance's,so I have been in alot.After working on a committee for over a year on this new bus I have come to the conclusion that Horton is #1 with it's 15 year warranty on the box ,5year on wiring and service less then 1 hour away,we could'nt go wrong.

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    My dept run three hortons. Two are older E350 chassis and the newer one is a 1999 Freightliner FL50 chassis. We are also replacing one of the Fords with another Freigtliner.
    I prefer the way the Freightliner drives but the ride in the box I'd have to go with the Fords all the way. Much smoother ride with the light duty chassis.
    We used to have a Medtech on a 1989 F350 chassis. That was probably one of the best ambulances we ever had. As it is no longer an ambulance it is still in service as one of the county's arson investigation vehicles.

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