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    Post Specifications

    If anyone knows of a web site,book or other source of information that I may use to Spec a new truck let me know.We are concidering a new approach and I do not wish to involve the dealers at this time.

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    FIREEMT2509 Guest


    well you can look up sites like american lafrance, and hme. they would provide you with chassis ideas. as far as designing it, the whole truck, i havent found anything really on that. we recently delivery on a new rescue/pumper in august. when we speced it out, we looked at what everyone else had, body configurations and such,then we put them all together and figured out what we really liked and disliked. the chassis we got was a freightliner fl80 with the raised roof. but anyways, i hope this helps out

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    Get a copy of the NFPA 1901. In the back is a form that walks you through your spec's.

    If you do not have a copy get one. You can see all the NFPA requirements for yourself.

    They are not that expensive anyway, around $35 I think.

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