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    SBLG Guest

    Question Ladder Failures

    Looking for information on ladder failures due to both opperator error and/or mecanical failure. I have contacted many builders but they are not forthcomming with info. Several state no failures.

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    WRENCH Guest


    there arew several places to find info.
    The learning resource center library at the national fire academy, thru NIOSH, and thru Underwriters laboratories as well as the federal DOT. There are probaly others but escape me at this time. you might also want to do a posting on, anatinal mechanics forum.

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    FiRsqDvr45 Guest



    go to the Fire Administration on publications and shop thru them..they have a free report on aerial failures

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    Capt. Skippy Guest


    Beware the manufacturer! You'll find in the US Fire Administration report that Seagrave is a front runner in failures. If you are having a problem, please e-mail me. I am currently in a litigation process against my city over this very subject.

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    DonRobbie Guest


    The specific address for the USFA Aerial Ladder Failure Report is
    You will need Acrobat reader to view it.

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