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    Post rescue boats for rivers and lakes

    I am trying to find information on rescue boats for rivers and lakes. I am looking for a boat that will be able to hold and store EMS equipment, and still have enough room to manvuer. I would like to hear of ant web sights anyone has found.


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    Our department has recently started to update our water rescue units. I found that the easy way to look boats is to attend a local boat and rv show.If you try to price boats specalized in rescue the price tag will shock you. We found a 21ft unit made by logic boats that is a fishing boat but with very few modifications could serve our needs well. If you look at whalers of zodiacs you will find ideas that you might want to incorporate into yours. We hope to bring our unit in for under 25k, boat,trailer,engine and resque equipment.

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    Boston Whalers are good, you should look into Sea Ark products <www.seaark.com>. Also you may consider some could of shallow draft jet boat.

    Try these links-->

    I can find more if you need them, contact me.

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    Try going to WWW.OCEANID.COM
    They have a great swift water rescue craft and a fast mover called the PowerCat. Excellent prices and a great platform.

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