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    Sand Creek Lynn
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    Post Tanker filling pump.

    I am looking for an engine driven pump to fill tankers from dry hydrants and river draft sites. At least 1200 GPM. Prefer even more.
    We have a very limited budget. $6000.00 max.
    We are fortunate to have mechanics and
    fabricators on our department so putting together an engine-pump package, plumbing and mounting it on our truck is easy.
    Finding an engine is no problem. Finding the pump is.
    We have been searching for an irrigation pump. So far no luck. Does anyone have one for sale or know where to look for one? Or any other ideas or suggestions?

    I'm in Wisconsin preparing for an ISO rating test.

    Thanks, Lynn

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    I work at a wastewater treatment plant, we have a few trash pumps that we use for different applications. They are reasonable price. There are many different manufactures, size, and motor options. Check out USA Blue Book, for some pumps. I have had no problems with them.

    The question is your needs. How close can you get to the water hole? Can you leave the pump at the water hole for tanker shuttle?

    I have a 2" 5.5hp Honda power, we love it. It has been laughed at, "you brought that",
    but it was the only pump that would keep up with the leak.

    Just be careful of the intake strainer, you need to match the size of the other screens on the rest of the trucks.

    USA Blue Book, 1-800-548-1234
    You can check with your local water/sewer department they may have a copy of their catalog.

    Good Luck

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    Stuart Cobb
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    Try W.S. Darley Co.

    They have dozens of different pumps that mount to many types of engines.

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    One thing I'd think of is an old front mount fire pump.

    I'd think old 60s vintage trucks with a 750gpm pump could be found easily; maybe with a bit of luck a reasonable price on a mid-70s era 1000gpm pumper could be found -- keep the pump, sell the chassis to a farmer.

    Add dual suctions and you should be able to get 1200+ gpm from a pump rated 1000gpm with a single suction -- more I think? You would need a good 12v supply to run a primer pump, and a few lengths of 2.5" to run back to the pond so you can start it and forget it (letting water circulate back to the pond)

    I know we've kicked around the idea here before if a spare 750gpm pump fell into our laps, mounting it to a 3 point hitch and tractor PTO...fire's over but extensive overhaul/wetdown is needed, pull the pumper off the fire hole and leave a tractor pumping for a day or two.

    Speaking of that...mount the engine & pump on an old(er) flat bed pickup so you don't have to tow it???

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