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    Post All wheel Steer?

    We have narrowed our possiblities down to two manufacturers for our new mid-mount tower - Sutphen and Pierce. We just went out to Wisconsin to see the new Pierce mid mount. Seems to be a great truck. If you have not heard, they now have a 95' mid-mount that is only 4' longer than the Sutphen 75+.

    Does anyone have an engine or truck with all wheel steer? How has your experience been with it? Who is the manufacturer of yours?

    Thanks for you help.

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    We're looking at the LTI and KME as well.. what didn't you like about them? What do you like most about the Pierce and Sutphen?

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    Are Bill and Hillary paying for the new truck?

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    My dept is an all Pierce dept, and I saw the new Enforcer at the FDIC. They also had their new midmount there, I can't remember if it was on the Enforcer though. In my opinion, Pierce builds great apparatus. All of the depts in my area have just Pierce engines & trucks.

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    I personally would not recomend Pierce. We've had too many problems with the last one we bought.
    We currently have two Seagraves being built that we should be taking delivery of during the summer.

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    I wish Bill and Hillary were paying for it! Both of them actually stopped by the firehouse for about 20 minutes when they first moved to town a few months ago. We had just got back from some stupid little alarm, they where on the way back to the airport, saw the bay doors open and people moving about and stopped in. It was quite funny, watching the media circus it created.

    Anyway, back on to all wheel steer and Pierce. We like Pierce, we already have three and in my opinion is one of the best trucks made. The reason we are only considering Pierce and Sutphen is they seem to be the only ones that manufacture the whole thing - truck and ladder. We have spoken to lots of folks and the owner of the shop where our trucks are fixed and fire apparatus in the neighboring counties and he said when the truck and ladder are manufactured by different people, when something goes wrong they point the finger at each other. We have had good luck with Pierce and we have a great relationship with our local rep, nice guy, great service etc... Sutphen would be my second choice, I just don't think the workmanship is as good and it does not appear to be as "solidly" built as pierce. I have noticed a few cheesey parts such as door latches and handles.

    All wheel steer is really my question, does anyone have experience with all wheel steer from any manufacturer?

    Thanks for all your help, sorry about rambling, just could not resist the opportunity to talk about my new neighbors - The First Family

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