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    Post Feecon foam systems

    we have just purchased a feecon foam system on a new engine. Was just woundering if you have any pointer on the does and donts with this system
    This system is going to be used for class B foam AFFF ATC 3% 6%
    It will flow 1400 gpm of foam solution

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    Check Idustrial Fire World Magazine Chief. (fireworld.com) Chief. You should be able to get some leads on people that use Fecon products there.

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    I have a bit of experience with the Feecon sytems. I believe what you have is an "around the pump proportioner" (AP series) The system works well but you must be sure you faithfully do the following:

    1-FLUSH,FLUSH,FLUSH,FLUSH when you are done using it. I can't emphasize that enough. Look at the system to be sure that whoever installed the system put the flush valves in the proper places in the plumbing. The plumbing must be arranged to flush the venturi, metering valve, and piping. We had a truck with the valves set up to flush the pipe after those items and we had problems with the concentrate gumming up the works.

    2-follow the directions on the instruction plate made by feecon that should be on your pump panel. Pay special attention to them. especially about the pressure requirements. If you exceed the maximum inlet pressure (10-15 psi), the system will not work. The best way to run it is by working off your tank and have your water supply going directly into your tank.

    3-Calculate your pressure requirements (friction loss,nozzle requirement, and 200 psi proportioner requirement) to get the best out of it. I hope this helps.

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