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    firecadet613 Guest

    Post Pierce Trucks

    The Ft. Lauderdale, FL department has all Pierce Quantums. Are there any dept's out there that are all Pierce? How do you like having all Pierce? What models do you have? Have you had any problems, and if so, what kind of problems?

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    Batt #2 Guest


    Every piece of apparatus we own is a pierce except for one and it will be replaced in the next 2 to 3 years. If I said we have had no problems I would be wrong. We have had a few problems, but 95% were small problems and alot of them due to vendors not pierce.
    Our oldest is a 1985 Arrow 2000gpm engine. We have a 1993 Lance. This unit has caused most of the problems for us.
    The quality control in 92,93 was very poor in my words. You can see a very strong difference in the quality between our units. All are good, but the 93 Lance has caused most of my problems,
    Like said before not major problems just one that continue to get under your skin.
    list of units and years
    1985 Arrow,1990 Lance,1993 Lance, 1995 Saber, 1998 Lance, 2000 Dash .

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    Quint1Medic Guest


    Every one of our 20 stations has at least one Pierce piece, none of which is more than three years old. Twenty quints (one 105' bucket, four 105's, and 15 75's), three rescue trucks, and seven Freightliner pumpers. Each company has a quint and either a Freightliner or a regular engine. The quints are dispatched on "there might be fire to fight"-type calls, and the engines go out on EMS, car fires, dumpsters and the like.
    Our quints have Dash cabs, and the rescues have Quantums. These are some of the problems (most of which are minor):
    Quints: some transmission problems. The big bracket that the ladder beds into tends to move, and by several inches. A lot of ours have had to be rewelded. The sensors on the doors and the outriggers can be touchy. There's not enough room in the front seats to take a deep breath, much less get dressed.
    Rescues: the flippy steps stop flipping, and the suspension on ours was a little shaky, with a lot of bottoming out/rubbing during cornering, which they fixed with stiffer sidewalls.
    Freightliners: problems with the doors not wanting to close properly, and don't ever get in one if you have a full bladder. The ride's awful.
    On the up side, the quints and F/L's are really easy to pump. If you go with Pierce, make sure you spec air horns on 'em. We don't have them, and it's no fun at all...

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    lbfdfirefighter Guest


    My volunteer fire department has five Pierces, and they are all great. The oldest was delievered back in the late 70's and the newest in December of '99. The 24-hour service Pierce offers is excellent and really is amazing. The quality of the rigs is beyond my belief. I will only ride on a Pierce, nothing else. The newest engine is a 65' Telesquirt on a Dash 2000 chassis with 500 gwt/1500 gpm. It is a dream engine. It really is. Great seating, great viewing ability and it can pump like nothing I have seen before. The road handleing is awesome and it shows a difference between or 1995 Saber engine (1000 gwt/1500 gpm). There is only one company I will trust and that is Pierce.

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    TRUCK121 Guest


    Does anyone have any opinions on Pierce 75' quints? We are looking into the possibility of purchasing one but around here, the only pierce aerials are towers and they are way too big for our town. I'm looking for opinions good and bad and are these trucks usually single rears or tandems with what pump and tank combinations. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Oh... Has anyone seen a Pierce in White over Forest Green??? If so, where and when. It would be nice to see how one looks with our different color scheme.

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    firecadet613 Guest


    Truck121> Does your department have a website, I would like to see what that paint scheme looks like on an apparatus.

    Joe E. Thomson
    AIM: Firecadet613

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    JDFIRE82 Guest


    My dept. is a division of Broward County Fire Rescue, Fl. The county uses all Pierce trucks, The new one are Quantums, My dept has a Dash, and The county has some Arrow's and Dash's for reserve trucks. Our Dash is a great truck.

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    TRUCK121 Guest

    Thumbs up

    We don't have a web site... yet.

    The paint scheme is good looking. Forest Green lower paint with White roofs with a "flare-dip" way of meeting the two colors around the fronts of the trucks. Our rescue adds a white roof on the body as well. Our Quint's ladder is also white. All that is accented with white reflective striping and gold leaf lettering and trimming.

    If your ever in the area, just stop by. We usually have someone in house all the time.

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    STATION2 Guest


    Truck121 check with the Cypress Fairbanks (Cy-Fair), Texas Volunteer Fire Dept their web site is They just put in service a brand new Pierce 75' RM quint as Ladder Co. 10. They put all their specs and everything on it. Go to the Station 10 page. As for firecadet613, are you sure Ft. Lauderdale has ALL Quantum rigs? Be safe.


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    firecadet613 Guest


    That's what is say's on their explorer posts web site.

    Joe E. Thomson
    AIM: Firecadet613

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    daysleeper47 Guest


    Our department in Youngstown, Ohio operates six(6) pieces of Pierce apparatus, including 5 of our 7 frontline engines and a Heavy Rescue.
    ~1987 -Pierce/Dash 1250gpm/500gal
    ~1987 -Pierce/Dash 1250gpm/750gal
    ~1989 -Pierce/Arrow Telesqurt 1250gpm/500gal/50
    ~1992 -International S/Pierce Heavy Rescue
    ~(2)1998 -Pierce/Saber 1250gpm/750gal Top Mount Pump

    The '89 Arrow is the busiest engine in the department and except for routine maintenence is one of the greatest trucks the city has ever had. All of our Pierce engines are quality vehicles.

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