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    Question Foam systems

    We are presently writing specs for a new pumper -- 1500 GPM, 1000 water, custom cab and are looking at adding a class A & B foam system. We currently have a A & B KK system which works well but is limited to 2 1-1/2" lines or 1 2-1/2" line. We would like more gpm flow including possibility of flowing foam from the deck gun. Anyone have any suggestions for us ??

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    SFDchief Guest


    Talk to any of the manufacturer reps and see what the possabilities are. Remember one thing though, the more gpm you flow the quicker you're gonna drain your foam tank.
    On our pumpers that have pre-piped foam are limited to one mattydale .to flow foam.
    For our purposes it is adaquate. Anything more we would have to carry additional jugs of foam with us.

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    Firehose Guest


    Check out Foampro. We are currently putting into service a new pumper with the foampro system. It is simple to use and with the larger version can handle larger handlines , blitz lines and deck guns.

    Good Luck

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    townby Guest


    Foampro is good. The 2001 series would do you. Email me at and I can get you some more info on some other systems

    townby IAFF 3649

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