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    Post Sutphen v LTI platforms

    Our department is looking to purchase a refurbed platform as a replacemnt for our old straight stick. The units we are looking at are 2 Sutphens and 3 LTI's of various flavors.

    Debate has focused on midship versus rear mount and steel versus aluminum. Any comments would be helpful.

    John LaBounty
    Captain CFD# 4

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    The Dept. That I work for we have a 1976 sutphen aerial 100ft platform mid-ship mount. you have to watch the bucket when you make turns, we have problem with the auto-matic leveler on the bucket. sutphen make a good alum ladder (Steel v/s Alum)Call a third party company like a aerial ladder testing company. just don't jump out and buy the first aerial you see. My dept purchase the first one we look at. ( Big Mistake)spended more money on repairs.we have spend over $60,000.00 in three years. and still the vehicle is a 1976 aerial.Good luck.

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    A department near me purchased a Baker/Aerialscope tower from FDNY. They used it for a while then refurbed it. The Baker tower will last forever, that was the only thing not replaced. Check out their website www.kentland33.org

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    S. Cook
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    Midship vs rear mount - with a rear mount you can get a shorter truck with the same size aerial.

    Whatever it takes, make sure you're not buying someone elses problem.

    Ask a lot of question and get a lot of references from any used apparatus broker you consider.

    2 departments (that I know of) in our area purchased rigs from "reputable" dealers and were ripped smooth off.

    One truck lasted anout 6 months, the other was down and never pumped water the whole time they had it.

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